Investment Advisors



Menton Holding has expertise and knowledge to work with:

  • Investments funds
  • Execution of renewable energy strategies

  • Integration assessment & implementation of an array of project disciplines

  • Acquisition & integration of various portfolios

  • Advisory assistance to our partners


Menton Holding Ltd works with specialized partners in financial engineering, tax advisory, focusing mainly on the financing of both corporate and government projects.

Its primary mission is to support projects in developing countries through a set of Innovative Financial Instruments (IFI’s) acting as a lever for the economic growth & recovery.


Working with strategic partners, we have leverage and connections to assist with project funding through a platform of international financial institutions, consultants and project investors to assist in financing and implementing projects in the MENA region also including government level support.


We have a Diverse Portfolio comprising interests in Oil (Menton Oil), Energy (Menton Energy), Finance (Menton Finance) and Agriculture (Menton Agro).

Our diverse strength helps our customers and partners succeed in this highly competitive business environment. We work as a collective team with a professional insight into the decision making process.


Know your Strength

Menton Holding Ltd operates on the noblest of values, most significantly in a multinational environment, with its belief in meritocracy of its human capital.

Our team of highly talented individuals, with long term experience in the field of finance and investments, are committed to offering the highest level of service. 

The team is deeply devoted to contributing to our economy and community through ESG & Net Zero initiatives.